11-11-11 a magic date for a wedding

It only happens once in a blue moon.  The dates that are unforgettable.  Not just because of what took place on the date but the actual date itself.  As in 11-11-11.  That date will not happen again in our lifetime.   And it is the magic of that date that it was a very popular wedding date.  Easy to remember and it has a wonder sound to it.  Even when your write it- 11-11-11.  Sweet.

And yes we were working on this wonderful wedding date at the beautiful McMurtries Farm Wedding and Event center, along with some of our favorite wedding vendors- Crystal Occasion, Texas Party Rentals, Erin’s Custom Cakes, Cedar Park Florist, and Kenny’s Catering to just name a few.  It takes a lot of wonderful wedding vendors to put a beautiful wedding together.  And that is exactly what our lucky bride and groom for 11-11-11 had.

It was a beautiful wedding and I think if there was only one thing for the bride to wish for it would be for just a little warmer weather.  It was one of those evenings that a cold front moved in to celebrate the 11-11-11 date.   And nothing was going to ruin this special day.  After all with the date of 11-11-11 and marrying the love of your life.  All is good.

Our bride looked stunning.  Absolutely beautiful.  And our groom- and his groom’s men -handsome in their tuxes.  Their accent colors were blue.  The table decor to the chairs – everything coordinated and looking like a fairy tale wedding. I loved their favors for their guest- champagne glasses with 11-11-11 on them.  Perfect.

It’s not often that we do a wedding on a very special date- the dates just don’t happen that often!  But when we do, it’s wonderful, and this one is right up there.  The wedding party and the family and friends were terrific. There was so much love and support for our bride and groom.  It’s always a treat to watch and witness these special times.

So with a magic date of 11-11-11 and a fairy tale wedding…… may they live happily ever after.


© 2011 Denys Kelley, Ed Kelley Photography.com

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