Top 10 Secrets every BRIDE should know


Ed Kelley Photography has taken 10 of the top secrets every bride should know and produced this amazing ebook.  These top secrets are golden to every bride.  And she should read this BEFORE she hires her wedding photographer.  IF you haven’t gotten your copy  please click here:  Top 10 Secrets Over the years we have […]

New Workflow


After years of working in Photoshop to correct and enhance images, I have started to change my workflow to edit in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. They are both procedural editors and are nondestructive on the original image. One great advantage is if I create something really cool I can save it as a preset […]

Raw images.


This is why I love shooting in Raw. Here is an image of the Star of India from 2003 shot on a Canon 1Ds. The 1Ds is still a great camera but it attracts dust like a magnet. The before shot is about what I could get out of the camera in 2003. If I […]

Cars and Coffee Austin

Cars and Coffee 2012

  This year has been great for Cars and Coffee Austin in Leander. Every month we seem to get more cars and more attendees.  If you have the opportunity to see this event you show go. The price is right – it’s free and the cars are beautiful. Thanks to Kirk D. Clennan for facilitating […]