School’s out for summer

Summer vacation with the kids.

Where did you go for Summer Vacation?


Every year at this time we wonder where did the summer go?   It can’t be time for school to start again.  It’s amazing how quickly the summer goes… must be because we are having fun.

Did you go  away for summer vacation?

Did you do a stay-cation?

Depending on where you live, sometimes staying home and having a stay-cation is total awesome.   You can do little day trips here and there and not have to worry about the travel schedule.  Stay-cation can be a bit more relaxing. However if you are the type that just needs to get away, this would not be a good vacation for you.  (Just saying!)

Or- you can have a trip planned for your summer vacation that is totally spectacular.   Taking in new sights and tasting new food can be good for you. The old saying that it’s good to get away, but it’s always nice to be home  is true.

For years we just did stay-cation.  It was easy and were we lived there were many things to see and do.  Sometimes when you live in paradise, vacation is a stay-cation.

Then we had the opportunity to travel.   That opened up the door.  I never thought that we would be so blessed as to travel and see the many places that we have seen.

I love planning the vacations.  I even love planning little weekend get-a-ways.  They’re good for you.  But I’m always amazed as to how quickly the vacations go.  If you think about it …. it’s kinda like how quickly your days off work go.

How soon after school starts do you start planning your next summer vacation?

Have you ever had professional pictures done while you were on vacation?

The picture above was a stay-cation picture.  You just never know what pictures will make you smile until your see it. It warms your heart and you remember exactly where you were  and who you were with.

So as summer is almost over…. and school is about to begin…. get out and take some pictures!

Did you go somewhere wonderful for your summer vacation – let us know in the comments below.


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