Top 10 Secrets every BRIDE should know

Have you got your copy of the Top 10 Secrets of Wedding Photography

Ed Kelley Photography has taken 10 of the top secrets every bride should know and produced this amazing ebook.  These top secrets are golden to every bride.  And she should read this BEFORE she hires her wedding photographer.  IF you haven’t gotten your copy  please click here:  Top 10 Secrets

Over the years we have seen some great wedding photography and then some that is not so great.   And we asked ourselves how did this happen?  Well, there are alot of reasons why this happened.  There are a lot of new photographers out there. Everyone now has access to a camera.  Even your phone has a camera, and some of them take pretty good pictures.   But it’s more than just the camera that makes the photographer.  It’s knowing how to take the pictures.   Yes, we could all take a zillion pictures and get lucky with one or two being amazing and the rest would be good enough.  But good enough should not be what you want for your wedding day.  I would hope that you don’t take this approach to your wedding pictures.  That would just be plain crazy!

So after talking with a lot of brides and finding out that they don’t know what to look for when shopping for their wedding photographer, we put together the Top 10 Secrets Every Bride MUST know BEFORE they hire their wedding photographer.

You’ll be smarter just knowing what is in this book.  You’ll be relieved to know what you should be looking for in a wedding photographer.   And you’ll be thrilled with your wedding photos knowing that you knew the top 10 secrets.


© 2012 Denys Kelley, Ed Kelley

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